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Community Contributions by Developers in the Swiss Postal IT

10 March 2016 - Laurent Bovet


We just open-sourced Gateleen !

This library is the base of our communications servers in projects where we need performance, scalability and tolerance to stale connections.

Get started with the presentation we did at Voxxed Days Z├╝rich.

Try it:

  • Install and start Redis on its default port.
  • Clone or download the repo and build with Maven (Java 8).
  • Start the playground server with java -jar gateleen-playground/target/playground.jar and enjoy on http://localhost:7012/playground.

We are still in the progress of migrating the documentation.

We also plan to provide a more convenient support to build your communication server by assembling the different parts in an easy and pluggable way. So stay tuned!

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