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30 August 2016 - Laurent Bovet

Spring Data Rest is becoming our choice for data-oriented applications. It makes us avoid a lot of server-side code. That’s great.

But, in the browser, without a library with a similar abstraction level, we are still writing a lot of boilerplate code to manipulate the REST resources and synchronize them with the client-side model.

So, came the idea of Hybind quite naturally. Why not have a thin layer of dynamic code enriching our model objects to bind them easily to REST resources?

Indeed, the library is small but leads to clean code.

Look at the BugTik sample AngularJS app. It demonstrate a minimal ticket app with 172 lines of Java and 74 lines of JavaScript.

I bet there will be more and more of such libraries, since HATEOAS is here to stay and will probably increase in complexity.

I just hope it will not be the XML/WSDL of the future, that humans will still be able to read and write resources without a bloated IDE or a code generator/huge interoperability stack…

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